How a song and a hammock led me on Medium.

Giwrgos Mavromichalis
2 min readJun 13, 2021


Believe it or not, you probably have influenced many people’s lives even without you know it. There will be a lot of people that you don’t remember but they are remembering something about you, an action, a saying, a song.

I want to tell about a person who left something in my memory and probably not even remembering me right now.

A while back, I decided to attend some aerial yoga classes at my local gym. I had a difficult time in the beginning since mobility and balance aren’t my best strengths. But after 2 months, I got a lot better, and actually, every practice session was like a trip to luna-park. So there were different teaches in the classes depended on the weekday but one of them was standing out.

She was a very cool person and pretty but the main thing was that every time she got up on the hammock it was like she was born for it. It’s always magnificent to see people in action while they showing their talents.

In one of those sessions, the moment I was performing a hard exercise and I was upside down, I heard the tune of a song and I stopped right there. I left myself hanging and I focused on that tune. It was one of those moments that I could feel the serotonin run inside my brain combined with that happily surprising feeling when you find a new amazing tune.

From that day on this long and deep song has accompanied me a lot of times. On long rides with my bicycle, lonely nights, trying to do life-changing decisions and thoughts. And after a good party, too. I was even listening to it before got slept when I thought to start writing here and sharing parts of my life experiences. It’s a way to do something creative for myself which at that time of my life I definitely need.

So, you know, be good to others in your everyday life, try to be the best version of yourself. We need you more than you think.

P.S: The song is Night Traffic City by Solar Fields.

Maybe you will like it and the Youtube algorithm continues to recommend similar songs. Maybe you will discover a whole new genre that you didn’t know about its existence. And after time who knows, you can even go to a music event or whatever and meet the love of your life.

I love to think the life in this world is connected like that, it comforts me.

Have a peaceful day,